Embedded initrd with static programs

Ashwin Bihari raz0redge at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 24 03:46:02 EST 2003

>It really depends on how many apps you're including.  If you only need
>one app then copying all of glibc in is a waste.  If you've got a bunch
>of apps then it's probably better to copy on the shared libs.
>On the other hand, if you can get all your apps to compile against
>uClibc (or one of the other small libs replacements) then you'll be much
>better off.  glibc is huge.

I only intend to use a very small set of tools to accomplish what I want to.
So I figured I didn't need to bother with the shared libraries. And having
finally gotten all the stuff I needed statically compiled and working, I'm
pretty happy with it. :)

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