Cross-compile package combinations

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Wed Dec 17 05:53:40 EST 2003

I also had success using crosstool.  Thanks to all those who gave me tips both on the list and via email.

I do have a another question, though.  Let's say that I want to use my own kernel instead of having crosstool download it.  What would be the proper set of steps to take to specify a local kernel?  My current kernel is 2.4.20 and I know that the combination of gcc and glibc that I want to use with crosstool specifies 2.4.21.  I'll probably work on bumping my kernel up.


Beena <mailto:beena at> wrote:
> I used crosstool and was able to effortlessly install gcc 3.3.2,
> glibc 2.3.2 for powerpc. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
> -Beena
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> Beena wrote:
>> I have observed the same errors when trying to build the
>> bootstrap gcc
>> 3.2.3. I understand that this is because gcc 3.2.3 build (in
>> case of powerpc) looks for some glibc files. So I first built
>> gcc 2.95.3, then glibc 2.2.1 and then built bootstrap gcc
>> 3.2.2(you could try with
>> 3.2.3) and it compiled fine.
> One of the reasons I did crosstool was to avoid that kind of
> hackery.  With crosstool, you don't need to build gcc 2.95.3 just
> to build gcc 3.2.3.  Crosstool does clean builds from pristine,
> minimally patched source.
> - Dan

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