405 TLB miss reduction

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Fri Dec 12 03:44:02 EST 2003

Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:

| Has anybody already investigated the effort or benefit of such
| changes or knows about other (simple) measures (apart from
| replacing the hardware)?

I have been thinking about doing something slightly more intelligent
with tLB miss handling and selecting the next entry to write.

At the moment I am doing stuff like setting up PTXdist (which does
indeed rule by the way once you get the right configuration) however I
could do with something for the holiday period so please keep me updated
~ and I will try to fit bits in when I get time with a board to do it.

There is an EPPC405 which I am hoping to borrow for a while because it
is not particularly being used but I will see what happens about it.



P.S. I am going to be at FOSDEM and welcome the idea of meeting other
ppc 405 or Virtex II Pro or indeed anyone from this list.

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