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Fri Dec 12 03:06:40 EST 2003

> Silverton Aron-C1710C wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Can somebody give me a clue as to which versions of binutils, gcc, and
>> glibc are compatible with each other?  I'd like to use gcc 3.2 or 3.3
>> and I am developing on i386 targeting PowerPC.  I'll be using 2.4
>> kernels initially and then moving to 2.6.
>> If there is a known reference or recent previous post (I didn't see one
>> in my initial search) I'd appreciate a pointer.
> As Ashwin mentioned, might come in handy.
> See also the matrix at
> - Dan

Funny, I was just about to ask  very similar question. I will be working
an a IBM PPC405G based development board (Cogent CSB272) for an internal
project. I would like to use as up-to-date versions of GCC, GLIBC and
Linux 2.4 kernel as possible (without sacrificing stability).

- Has anyone used recently released 2.4.23 ( in any PPC project
yet? If it is not good to use for PPC based development? Do I need to get
a ppc specific modified kernel or do I need to apply any patches to linus
2.4.23 kernel to get it working in PPC405 embedded environment.

- Kernel 2.4.x README still says the official kernel compiler is gcc
2.95.3. Is it still the case or using a more recent GCC compiler is now
acceptable? In the last Linux embedded project I was in we had used this
one along with a very early build of kernel. I was not the one to set the
development environment so bear with me if these sound basic questions to

- I built a toolchain using crosstools based on gcc 3.3.2, glibc 2.3.2 and
binutils Crosstools default .dat files pull kernel 2.4.21 but
I also got the tools compiled using 2.4.23 sources. I have not tested them
yet since I don't have the board yet? Any comments regarding this

Looking at some ppc linux distros (not necessarily embedded):

YDL 3.0: kernel 2.4.20, gcc ? glibc 2.3.1, binutils ?
Mandrake: kernel 2.3.21, gcc 3.2.2, glibc, 2.3.1, binutils ?
Gentoo: kernel 2.4.22, gcc ? glibc 2.3.2?, binutils ?


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