Cross-compile package combinations

Ashwin Bihari raz0redge at
Thu Dec 11 11:28:45 EST 2003


I've recently done just this, same host and target. I used GCC 3.2.3 with
GLIBC 2.3.2 w/ Linuxthreads and Binutils 2.14. This worked fine.

Check out a package called "crosstools". It's a nice tool that will tell you
about working combinations, actaully download these tarballs off the web,
find any applicable patches, apply them, configure the tools for your host
and target, build them and finally install it at your deisred location. All
this from running a single SHELL file. This is what I did and it worked like
a charm.

I've currently used this toolchain to compile 2.4.x kernels, haven't tried

Contact me if you want any more details.


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