quad uart driver for 852T

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Dec 9 10:07:10 EST 2003

In message <NGBBKDOAELJBKFGCBALKCEMLCEAA.dread at skylynx.com> you wrote:
> Hello.  I am new to Embedded Linux and wish to find a driver or code for a
> quad uart chip that I can use with the Analogue & Micro Adder II (MPC852T)
> reference board.  I have never done a Linux driver before but am willing to
> take the plunge here if I have to.  I see that someone as worked with a
> 16C554 on this mailing list and might have it working by now.  Besides the

We are working on such a thing, too (although  with  a  very  special
hardware  interface;  the  chip  is attached to the PCMCIA controller
ports ...). We'll check it in on our CVS server  within  the  next  4
weeks or so.

> suggestions for the UART code, what is the etiquette for asking people about
> their work?  I have often heard Linux has tons of drivers but how do you
> find the ones you need?

Google, then ask.

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