Can not see any infomation on the console when using U-Boot 1.0.0 booting my board

Yuxiao Xi xiyuxiao at
Sat Dec 6 21:32:20 EST 2003

   I am now porting U-Boot 1.0.0 to my custumized board with mpc8240.
My reference board is Sandpoint X2.
   First I created my u-boot.bin for Sandpoint X2 as following:
   $make Sandpoint8240_config
   $make all
and Sandpoint X2 was booted smoothly.
   Then I modified the serial port information in
~~/u-boot1.0.0/include/configs/sandpoint8240.h because the serial port
address on my board is different from that on Sandpoint X2. Below are my

#define CFG_NS16550_CLK		24000000 /* 1843200 */

#define CFG_NS16550_COM1	0xff600000 /*(CFG_ISA_IO + CFG_NS87308_UART1_BASE)*/
#define CFG_NS16550_COM2	0xff600040 /*(CFG_ISA_IO + CFG_NS87308_UART2_BASE)*/

Other parameters are not modified.

 	After "make" and "burn u-boot.bin in flash" I reset my board
and I saw nothing on my console:(
	Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Yuxiao Xi

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