kernel memory mapping problem

ZhongJun Zhou zjzhou at
Fri Aug 8 01:49:23 EST 2003

Thanks very much.

But my functions are serial running on PPC82xx, its
means that when I mapped the the address using __pa(
(void *)tmp) to bd_address, then reading the BD's
status and control registers, if OK, then return from
this function. Is it OK with this method? Next, if I
use "kmalloc" to get the buffer and map it to CPM with
__pa() function, that can be run, is right?  any other
functions can finish this mapping action ? or give me
any good documents for my reading?

thanks in advance!

--- Peter Barada <pbarada at>
> >when run this module( lsmod mymodule.o ), kernel is always dead. Are
> >there any errors of this function ?
> What are you doing with the physical address of a varaible that is on
> the *stack*? If you let some hardware modify that value, then you can
> easily trash your stack if the hardware modifies this value *after*
> this function exits since tmp will go out of scope.
> I'd suggest that you move tmp outside of func for starters.

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