MPC8250 MCC driver

Adam Kaczynski kaczor at
Thu Aug 7 00:52:12 EST 2003

I would like to present a very simple driver for MPC8250/8260 MCC
working in transparent and HDLC modes, released under GPL.

It uses one time-slot assigner (128 timeslots) and each individual
channel may be transparent or HDLC. The "read" and "write" functions are
non-blocking and the user should block on "poll". This driver is
prepared to work on our custom-made MPC8250 board but it would be easy
to port it to any evaluation board.

This is rather an example code than a fully polished masterpiece but it
works well and it is being tested in our new product. The sample
programmes are attached to this module.

I would like to thank Omanakuttan for his help and for his precious


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