Static linking /Shared Library Application Errors.

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Tue Aug 5 23:21:20 EST 2003

In message <20030805131112.59750.qmail at> you wrote:
> I am trying to execute certain fileutils application
> like cp ,ls ..
> These applications are compiled using the Glibc 2.2.3
> The problem is if i compile the applications
> Statically
> and try to execute the command cp,ls ..i get the
> segmentation fault error.Please let me know the proper
> compiler options  for static linking.

Please explain which toolchain you are yusing, which  libraries,  and
which versions of the tools listed above.

> OBJS = cat.o chgrp.o chmod.o chown.o cmp.o cp.o dd.o
> grep.o l.o ln.o ls.o \
>         mkdir.o mkfifo.o mknod.o more.o mv.o rm.o
> rmdir.o sync.o touch.o vi.o

Where did you get these object files from?

I have a suspicion that these are  in  fact  parets  of  the  busybox
toolbox.  If  this  is  correct,  then  why  don't you simply use the
Makefile that comes with busybox?

> Then i tried to eliminate the problem by using shared
> library that is put the file and
> file in the /lib directory of the ramdisk .
> The problem is the library files are too big in size.
> libc is 5.1mb and is .5mb

You can strip the shared libraries for the target.

> inorder to create a ramdisk image i have used the
> initrd.sudo scrip file form the denx SELF package.
> : ${IRD_SIZE:=4096k}
> dd if=/dev/zero of=$IMAGE bs=$IRD_SIZE count=1
> 2>/dev/null

Again, I have the suspicion  that  this  code  comes  from  our  SELF
package.  The  scripts provided by SELF take care of all the problems
you are running in.

> 1.should i use statick linking

No, this will most probably just increasy your memory footprint.

> 2.shared library ..


What I don't understand: there is a working set of tools and scripts.
You rip it apart, omit essential parts, and then complain that it  is
not working any more.

What else did you expect?

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