750/107 CHRP question

Richard Danter richard.danter at windriver.com
Fri Aug 1 07:41:01 EST 2003

Matt Porter wrote:
> [Oh my !#$!@.  I never thought I'd be replying to a Linux question
>  from WRS. I need to check for reports of natural disasters and
>  mass rioting. :)]


Yes, I work for WRS, but this is a little personal project just for the
hell of it. I just happen to be using a WRS board and vICE to do the

>>How do I map this correctly???
> In 2.4, you can use early_serial_setup() or io_block_map().  It is
> highly recommended to use early_serial_setup().  There are many
> examples of this (spruce, lopec, etc.)

Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

I'm sure this bit is easy, the tricky stuff will probably be when I
start playing with PCI...


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