750/107 CHRP question

Matt Porter mporter at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Aug 1 07:07:00 EST 2003

[Oh my !#$!@.  I never thought I'd be replying to a Linux question
 from WRS. I need to check for reports of natural disasters and
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On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 05:54:43PM +0100, Richard Danter wrote:
> I am trying to port a 2.4.x kernel to a PPC750 board with a 107
> controller. The board has a serial port connected to one of the ROM
> select lines (at 0x7C000000) and I would like to use this as my console
> port.

No problem.

> So far I can boot the board and see (via the serial port) the kernel
> load addresses etc, and the kernel gets decompressed and starts to run.
> This is all fine as the MMU is off at this point. However, when the
> serial_console_setup() code starts trying to configure the serial port
> again, I get a kernel panic as I am accessing an invalid mem space (MMU
> now on!).
> How do I map this correctly???

In 2.4, you can use early_serial_setup() or io_block_map().  It is
highly recommended to use early_serial_setup().  There are many
examples of this (spruce, lopec, etc.)

Matt Porter
mporter at kernel.crashing.org

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