Serial Debugging

Chris Hallinan clh at
Wed Nov 27 06:48:41 EST 2002

Aman wrote:
> Hi All
> I am using PPC 440GP eval board. I wanted to do debug
> application using
> serial. The serial device /dev/ttyS0 is used as console.
> I have connected a
> null modem cable to the device /dev/ttyS1 on the eval kit
> and the linux
> host. I gv the following command in the evalkit.
> root at gdbserver /dev/ttyS1 hello
> Process hello created; pid = 95
> Remote debugging using /dev/ttyS1
> on the giving the following command in ddd window in the
> linux host. I get
> the following errors.
> (gdb) target remote /dev/ttyS1
> Ignoring packet error, continuing...
> Ignoring packet error, continuing...
> Ignoring packet error, continuing...
> Couldn't establish connection to remote target
> Malformed response to offset query, timeout
> Can anybody tell me , what I am missing out

Is it possible you are using the native gdb, rather than the one
compiled for your cross-development environment?  This is a common
error in this case.

Please post the output from gdb when you invoke your gdb from the
command line.

Chris Hallinan

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