zynx zx212 dual-port ethernet card

于婧 yuj at mail.ndsc.com.cn
Tue Nov 26 18:14:45 EST 2002

  I'm confused about your words.I noticed that
"#define request_8xxirq request_irq" in /include/asm-ppc/mpc8260.h ,so there should be no difference between request_irq()and request_8xxirq().Right?
  I have no other PCI card at hand,so I didn't boot with other card.

>I am running a 4 port ZX214  on our mpc8265 board. The only change I had  to
>make to the Tulip driver was to change request_irq() to request_8xxirq(). I
>am using a modified 2.18-pre3 kernel.
>Can you boot with any other PCI card?
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>> Subject: zynx zx212 dual-port ethernet card
>>   I'm porting hardhat linux v2.1 on my motorola lopec mpc7410
>> board with a zynx zx212 dual-port ethernet card on it.The
>> problem is that the kernel can't start up with the ethernet
>> card on,while without it everything is perfect.Since zx212 is
>> compatible with 21143,I build the kernel with the "tulip"
>> option on.It should be no problem,but it happened.Can anybody
>> tell me the reason?

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Subject: Problem with ping at sash + console
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At a custom mpc850 board,
only ping -c 1 works,
normal ping does not work.
Ping ist started from a progam with "system()" call.
This program was started at sash on serial console.
Any suggestions ?
  Best regards

          Peter Grubmair

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