Fast HDLC driver

Roland Dreier roland at
Wed Nov 20 03:55:08 EST 2002

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen Green <owenjinggreen at> writes:

    Owen> most of them calls netif_rx from inside interrupt_handler (I
    Owen> don`t think this is the best place for doing that, watchdog
    Owen> may expire if the interface gets very busy..)

I don't have a specific answer about HDLC, but I think calling
netif_rx() from interrupt context is correct.  netif_rx() doesn't do
anything except queue the packet for processing and then mark the
network softirq.  In fact if you want to call netif_rx() from
non-interrupt context then you have to use the netif_rx_ni() function
to make sure the softirq runs soon enough.


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