Fast HDLC driver

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at
Wed Nov 20 03:48:12 EST 2002

Hi Owen

I have written a patch to 8xx_io/enet.c that avoids copying. It still calls
netif_rx from IRQ context, but it's a start. The patch was posted a few weeks
ago to this list.

Could you post a copy of the qslinux hdlc driver? I am interested to se how
one would avoid calling netif_rx from IRQ context.

> Hi all,
> I`ve started working on a new project were a high
> performace hdlc channel is needed (at least 4Mbps on
> MPC8xx-50Mhz).
> I found several drivers for hdlc, but some are not
> very fast (copies memory,... ), most of them calls
> netif_rx from inside interrupt_handler (I don`t think
> this is the best place for doing that, watchdog may
> expire if the interface gets very busy..).
> The only driver I found that seems to be really fast
> and doesnt do all this stuff in interrupt context is
> for kernel-2.2 (QSLINUX).
> Does anyone ported this to 2.4 or knows another
> implementation of hdlc driver that could do this the
> way I`m thinking?
> Thanks in advance, Owen.

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