NFS root manipulation without being superuser?

Brian Waite waite at
Sat Nov 16 05:48:11 EST 2002

you could export the fs from the dev host as no_root_squash an insecure
for example
/home   *(rw,insecure,no_root_squash)

That will allow the embedded host to modify files on the NFS filesystem as
root. Does tha accomplish what you need?


On Friday 15 November 2002 11:37 am, Jeff Kowing wrote:
> During embedded system developement, I use an NFS root mounted
> filesystem that is exported from my development workstation.  I am
> constantly having to "su root" on my development workstation when I
> want to manipulate the root filesystem for the target machine. I was
> wondering if anyone uses a safer technique that allows manipulation of
> the target's root filesystem without being root on the development
> workstation.
> I know I could make the exported filesystem all be owned by my
> unprivledged user and group name, but I would like the target machine
> to see those files as owned by root as would normally be the case.
> Anyways, I was just curious if I am missing out on some cool technique
> that other's use that I am not brilliant enough to come up with on my
> own.
> Thanks.

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