Compiling 2.4.18 for Motorola MBX board

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Thu Mar 28 15:59:48 EST 2002


Thank you for the reply....

I was able to perform the following functions

make mbx_config
make oldconfig
make dep
make zImage

Using make zImage, the kernel itself would build, but I got the following
errors when attempting to link the original boot code.

powerpc-eabi-objcopy -O elf32-powerpc \
        --add-section=.image=../images/vmlinux.gz \
        --set-section-flags=.image=contents,alloc,load,readonly,data \
        ../common/dummy.o image.o
powerpc-eabi-ld -T ../ld.script -Ttext 0x00180000 -Bstatic -o zvmlinux
head.o ../common/relocate.o  misc-embedded.o ../common/misc-common.o
../common/string.o ../common/util.o embed_config.o iic.o m8xx_tty.o image.o
image.o: In function `main':
image.o(.text+0xc): undefined reference to `__eabi'
make[2]: *** [zvmlinux] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/ppc/linux/arch/ppc/boot/simple'
make[1]: *** [zImage] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/ppc/linux/arch/ppc/boot'
make: *** [zImage] Error 2

Could this error be related to an incorrectly built cross-compiler?   Using
some information that I found on the web, I build the ppc cross compiler, as
ppc-unknown-eabi,  which I interpret to mean ppc eabi on unknown O.S.
Should I have built the cross-compiler as ppc-linux-eabi?

I have not yet tried the 'make pImage' build yet, however I have noticed
that 'make pImage' command can not be performed at the Top Level directory
with the standard makefile.  In order to run it I have to export TOPDIR to
be the linux ppc source directory, and then CD to the arch/ppc/boot
directory first.  I will give more details on this once I have given it a

Ed Brady

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> Ed,
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> > I am trying to cross compile the latest 2.4.18 kernel to run on an MBX
> > (MPC 860).  However, I consistently run into problems whenever the final
> > link is performed.    See error text below....
> It seems your kernel configuration is broken. You better restart with
> the default configuration fro the  MBX  board;  check  that  this  is
> compiling fine, and then start modifying according to your needs:
> $ make mbx_config
> $ make oldconfig
> $ make dep
> $ make pImage # with PPCBoot firmware
> $ make zImage # with old bootstrap loader code
> If this works, you can start modifying the configuration
> using
> $ make menuconfig
> etc.
> Hope this helps,
> Wolfgang Denk
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