Compiling 2.4.18 for Motorola MBX board

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Mar 28 08:08:38 EST 2002

In message <C08678384BE7D311B4D70004ACA371050B763357 at> you wrote:
> The default PPC .config appears to be something that's
> appropriate to, say, running Linux on a Macintosh.

Well, the MBX is an embedded system, so you cannot really expect  the
DEFAULT configuration to work on it, right?

> You should go into make menuconfig, & de-select PMAC
> and other Mac-type ethernet devices.
> In fact, I made sure to go through every (!) menu,
> sub-menu, sub-sub-menu, etc. in make menuconfig to
> de-select everything that wasn't appropriate for my
> system.

Why not just chosing a working default configuration?

	$ make mbx_config
	$ make oldconfig
	$ make dep
	$ make zImage

will do the Right Thing (TM) in a blink or two...

Wolfgang Denk

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