FTP Denial of Servive

Steven Vacca svacca at valcom.com
Wed Mar 27 03:24:50 EST 2002

I know this probably isn't the proper User's Group
for this question, but I'm sure some of you are using Linux
Mandrake.  So here goes.

I have a Microsoft PC which uses FTP Explorer to connect
with another Linux PC.  (I do my development on the Linux PC
and transfer the zImage to the Microsoft PC).

I've been able to do an FTP connect with no problems for many, many
months.  But now when I try to connect to the Linux PC, 9 out of
10 times, or even worse, FTP Explorer can't connect.  And if it does
connect, the connection is closed after a minute or so.  I can FTP with
other PC's, so I know the problem is with the Linux PC.
It's been like this for 3 weeks now.

I remember 3 other times, over the past year, when this difficulty with
FTP connecting would occur, once on 3 separate days.  On those
occasions, I just rebooted the Linux PC, or waited overnight, and the
problem went away.  Then I came in on a Monday 3 weeks ago, and
now was acting like it is now, almost impossiblt to connect, and
if able, the connect gets closed.

Anybody have any idea what would cause this?  How to fix this?
Is the FTP daemon goin' crazy?  Why would it sometimes let me
connect, but rarely, and when I do, the connection is quickly closed?


ShutEye Thinkin

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