Kernel message missing characters!

Yonghao Wang Y.Wang at
Tue Mar 26 21:06:52 EST 2002

Thank you very much, Wolfgang.  You are right. We need to modify both
arch/ppc/boot/mbx/m8260_tty.c and rch/ppc/8260_io/uart.c to enable linux
support SMC2 as console for MPC8260. Ppcboot1.0.4 support it, but latest
linux kernel hasn't made SMC2 easy to configuration, although the uart.c
seems already has most code there.

Now I am finished my degree project as porting linux to custom MPC8260 board!
Thank you for your help during this period.

Wang Yonghao

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> In message <3C9B393E.4958C98E at> you wrote:
> >
> > ppcboot as boot loader and kernel 2.4.7. The console is set up on serial
> >
> > SMC2. I've changed little bit code on arch/ppc/boot/mbx/m8260_tty.c to
> > enable it supports SMC2. But when I boot kernel,  the console output
> Seems you didn't do this right, then.
> > seems missing characters like below:
> ...
> > Ttlmmr  2M;uig0Bfrhs al a 0000
> > Lnxvrin247 wn at ihmr.tlc.k gcvrin30 1FiMr1 53:7GT20
> > oe0:378pgs:378
> > oe2:0pgs.
> > Kre omn ie ot/e/f wnsot121..4:epr/p-f-oti=7.61.1:7.6213121..1:5.5..:iuAM
> Well known problem, every second character is missing.
> > Does anybody can give me some clue how to fix it?
> Make sure to enable SMC1 as serial port, too. If the  console  is  on
> SMC2,  _both_ SMC1 and SMC2 must be enabled as a serial ports, or you
> have to adjust the uart driver a bit.
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