Does Linux have a problem with the mfspr(BAT) bug on the 750FX

Subhachandra Chandra subhachandra at
Sat Mar 23 11:16:19 EST 2002

        The Errata document for the IBM 750FX
 Revision DD2.x says that the mfspr instruction has a
 bug when transferring data from a BAT register to a
 GPR register. It will transfer incorrect data.

   I did a text search through the Linux 2.4.17 kernel
code and did not find any place where mfspr is used to
move the contents of a BAT reg to a GPR (mtspr is used
but that works correctly). Does anyone know if I might
have missed something in the text search or any other
reason this bug could cause a problem while using
Linux on the 750FX processor.

Subhachandra Chandra

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