EST's MPC8XX (Modular Development Platform) - Linux

satya kumar i_satya at
Mon Mar 11 16:12:06 EST 2002

Hi All,
    Any idea as to wether the MPC860 board provided by
the ESTC(which they call as Modular Development
Platform) is suitable for a Linux Port.Since the board
that i have already has some VxWorks related stuff in
the begining.How to erase that and How to download
ppcboot into to the Board?
    Another thing I have compiled the kernel aiming
this board and have selected the machine type as MBX
while configuring the kernel and chosen the processor
as 8xx.Is it Ok?
    Please bear with me as I am only a newbie and not
a master.
   Any help wud be much appreciated and Sorry again
for disturbing you all.Thanks in advance.

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