[patch] make libtool1.4d work when cross-compiling

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Mar 10 10:42:48 EST 2002

The patch
appears to fix libtool1.4d so it sets sys_lib_search_path_spec properly,
which is probably required for cross-compiling programs that use libtool.

To test it, I created dummy cross-compiler mycc and linker myld which are just
trivial wrappers around cc and ld, except that mycc --print-search-dirs
prints paths that refer to /old instead of /,
   libraries: =/old/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/:...:/old/usr/lib/
(/old on my machine is an old installation of linux.)

To configure libtool, I created a small configure.in and
Makefile.in, ran libtoolize, copied libtool.m4 to aclocal.m4 as instructed,
ran automake --add-missing just to get install-sh etc.,
ran autoconf, and configured with
   CC=`pwd`/mycc LD=`pwd`/myld ./configure --build=pentium-unknown-linux --host=ppc-unknown-linux
(the exact value for host doesn't matter as long as the processor is different).
To verify whether libtool is configured properly, I run
   ./libtool --config | egrep 'LD|CC|sys_lib_search_path_spec'

Before applying my patch, libtool1.4d --config outputs
   sys_lib_search_path_spec="/lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib"
In other words, the current libtool 1.4d searches the
system libraries instead of the libraries used by the specified compiler.

After applying an earlier version of my patch,
rerunning autoconf and configure, rerunning libtool --config | grep sys_lib
  sys_lib_search_path_spec=" =/old/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/ ... /old/usr/lib
which looks correct except for that odd = in front.
(There might be a similar bug in the mingw support in libtool, which also uses --print-search-dirs.)

I poked around a bit, and that = appears to be present in the output
of 'gcc --print-search-dirs' on gcc's after 2.95.  Is it a bug in gcc,
or just a strange feature?

I modified the patch a bit to strip the = off.  The resulting patch is

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's been trying to
cross-compile programs built with libtool about whether
this patch helps them.


p.s. Here's the patch inline for convenience:

--- libtool.m4.orig     Sat Mar  9 07:28:58 2002
+++ libtool.m4  Sat Mar  9 15:30:52 2002
@@ -984,7 +984,20 @@
 dynamic_linker="$host_os ld.so"
 sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec="/lib /usr/lib"
-sys_lib_search_path_spec="/lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib"
+if test "$GCC" = yes; then
+  sys_lib_search_path_spec=`$CC -print-search-dirs | grep "^libraries:" | sed -e "s/^libraries: *=*//"`
+  if echo "$sys_lib_search_path_spec" | egrep ';' >/dev/null ; then
+    # if the path contains ";" then we assume it to be the separator
+    # otherwise default to the standard path separator (i.e. ":") - it is
+    # assumed that no part of a normal pathname contains ";" but that should
+    # okay in the real world where ";" in dirpaths is itself problematic.
+    sys_lib_search_path_spec=`echo "$sys_lib_search_path_spec" | sed -e 's/;/ /g'`
+  else
+    sys_lib_search_path_spec=`echo "$sys_lib_search_path_spec" | sed  -e "s/$PATH_SEPARATOR/ /g"`
+  fi
+  sys_lib_search_path_spec="/lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib"

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