serial console on 405GP

Kim, Kwansuk kskim at
Thu Mar 7 13:42:12 EST 2002

Dear, everyone!

I'm poring linux-2.4.18-pre7 (from on my customized board (with IBM 405GP)

My board has no keyboard, so I'm using serial console on UART0.
I ported ppcboot, and it works well.

When I ported linux on my board, there happened some problem.

After init forks sash (standalone shell as you know),
I can see the prompt of the sash but the character sent wasn't delivered to sash.
So what character I send to the sash. It never respond.

I watch for the serial source (driver/char/serial.c) and enabled DEBUG option and the character sent
was received by kernel.

I don't know why the characters are disappeared.

Anyone know the reason?

Please, help me.

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