sh: tcsetpgrp: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Jul 11 23:38:34 EST 2002


in message <A1C99F4731CAD111BA5400A024FC3B0CCD0938 at ESBILMA01EDCGE> you wrote:
> 	I have a custom board with kernel 2-4-4-2002-02-14 from
> denx and busybox 0.51. Every time an script is executed in
> the console I get the message:
> 	"sh: tcsetpgrp: Inappropriate ioctl for device"
> It doesn´t happen when the script is executed from a telnet
> session. This is not harmful for the script but it´s very annoying.
> Can anyone out there tell me how I can eliminate this message.

Use a more recent version of busybox.

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