Serial console ports on systems with no console connected.

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Tue Jul 9 15:14:05 EST 2002

In message <200207082127.16518.ADharankar at ATTBI.Com> you wrote:
> This question is common to both ppcboot and ppc-linux.
> The ppcboot I am using is 1.1.5 and Linux kernel 2.4.18.
> If there is no console connected to the serial console port,
> is it true that a thread sending output to it hangs? If this is

No, this is NOT true.

Why should it? There is no flow control used - neither in the PPCBoot
nor in the Linux UART drivers...

> I have a MPC8260ADS based board, and see the above least not in the standard MPC8xx and MPC8260 UART drivers.

> behavior under ppcboot. Under Linux using a BDI debugger
> the thread sending output to the console hangs. Perhaps

You must be doing something wrong.

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