8260 ATM FCC enable problem?? interrupts???

None Atall linux_meis at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 05:26:54 EST 2002

 Hello to all,
I am trying to import mpc860sar atm driver for
the 8260. Although i init the dpram parameters
correct, when I make the Enable Tx end Enable Rx
bits 1 at the gfmr the system crashes! When I set
only the Rx bit, its ok, although i dont get any
interrupts from the FCC1.
 In general i cant get any interrupt from the FCC!
I have enabled the ic_simrl bit, and update the
fcce/m registers. No matter what I do its just as if
there are no interrupts! The phy sents the input
sells through the utopia (TxSOC is working and the
led) so i think that i have configured utopia regs
correctly. Well, are there any suggestions? I am realy
                   Thank you all for your time!
                        D. Meidanis

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