LinuxPPC for MPC555?

Frederic Soulier soulier at
Tue Jan 15 00:27:45 EST 2002

The Motorola MPC-555 is MMU-less. Classical Linux ports do not support this
kind of microcontrollers.
If your OS requirements are about Linux facilities, you may consider the
uCLinux project : http://www.uclinux.{org, com} but I have never heard about
a successful uCLinux MPC-555 port.
If your requirements are less restrictive and simply about an open source
OS, you may consider other projects like RTEMS ( or
eCos ( I know some guys had sucessfuly used
them with MPC-555 so you have to browse these projects development

> I know it's a bit strange, but we are looking for a LinuxPPC port for
> the Motorola MPC555.
> Does anyone know where can we find this port, or if it can be easily
> done?


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