spurious interrupts

mschmid at ascona.de mschmid at ascona.de
Tue Jan 8 03:30:20 EST 2002

Hi all.

I started porting the linux kernel 2.2.12 on our MPC8240 based board (own
board design).
The MPC8240 EPIC is used as interrupt controller.
After external interrupts are enabled in start_kernel() the CPU loops
endless within the interrupt handler, because of spurious interrupts.
I reduced the initialization of OpenPic to a minimum to find the source
generating the spurious interrupts, but nothing changed.
I searched for this problem in the archiv of the mailing list but i did not
find any solution.
With kernel 2.4.2 i recognized the same problem so i think there is
something wrong within my port.

Have anyone had this probleme before ?


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