Kernel Oops when receiving a lot of UDP packets while booting

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Tue Jan 8 02:16:55 EST 2002

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> Subject: Re: Kernel Oops when receiving a lot of UDP packets while
> booting
> > I have verified that I am getting packets over the ethernet
> > before the scc_enet_open() is called, I somehow suspect that
> > this might be causing my random crashes.
> You just kludge it by looking at your 'opened' flag and dropping the
> packet in scc_enet_rx if it's false.  If it stops the

Yes I will try that too.

> crashes, you'll be
> OK until you find a version of the driver that doesn't have this
> problem.
> The version of the driver I use does all the hardware
> initialization in
> scc_enet_init, and then all that scc_enet_open does is call
> netif_start_queue.

My enet.c does excactly this. And it is deffinitly not doing the right
try e.g. to flood ping the board while it is booting you will see all
of wonderful strange behaviour.



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