Password on ELDK nfs booting

Sangmoon Kim dogoil at
Wed Aug 28 20:01:11 EST 2002

I succeeded in login after installing the tinylogin.
I plan to use tinylogin.

> I can login with eldk,the only problem I encountered
> is that  /eldk/ppc_8xx/dev/ is alomost empty!only 3 unimportant
> files,when installed with eldk installl scripts.
> so when I boot with nfs it reports "can not create console".
> After I cp some dev from my host,it is ok now:)
Execute /mnt/cdrom/ELDK_MKDVICE instead, as the readme said.

> The other thing is can not telnet to the NFS board,it
> always says
> "
> Trying
> Connected to (
> Escape character is '^]'.
> telnetd: All network ports in use.
> "
> then close connection.
> anybody run into the same thing?
In my case telnet is OK even when the serial port doesn't work.
Please check that your files have proper owner.
Excute /cdrom/mnt/ELDK_FIXOWNER if not on /opt/eldk directory.

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