8260/8xx Embedded Boot patch

Allen Curtis acurtis at onz.com
Wed Aug 28 14:16:18 EST 2002

> Please explain these changes.  You shouldn't be using embed_config.c if
> you don't have EMBEDDEDBOOT defined.  The EMBEDDEDBOOT is a generic
> bootloader that should only have unique functions in embed_config.c
> You should be definining a board configuration for whatever you are
> doing and use that.

I am using a modified EST8260 configuration. However the EST8260 embedded
stuff was broke. The bd_info structure was not passed up from head.S. The
call to configure the clocks was missing at the end of embed_config(). You
will also see that I translate the CONFIG_RPX (and other platform
conditionals) into CONFIG_EMBEDDED and use the single conditional compile.

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