linux booting

leeyang leeyang at
Mon Aug 26 22:40:16 EST 2002

> There are some more hints at

I have read it before,but only for module or application,
not for kernel and ppcboot,someone told me because of
ppcboot's relocation,so it is difficult in some externd.
Anyway it helps some:)

> > I want to watch r3,r4,r5,r6,r7 register when ppcboot transferring
> > to kernel.Could you tell me how to get that? thanks a lot!
> Start PPCBoot, setup bootargs etc., load  the  kernel  image.  Before
> finally typing the "bootm" command set a (hardware) breakpoint at the
> kernel entry point (= physical address 0x0000).
> When hitting the breakpoint, print the registers...

Yes,it works:),and I can check thoes regs when entering kernel.
and I am sure ppcboot handle correct value to kernel now.

the kernel can boot and I can see some in the console now.
I replaced the ppcboot.h in the 1.1.6 with one in old version
so I think it is still bdinfo problem.

However,new ones come:
kernel can not find init in the ramdisk!
the initrd had been tested in the old kernel and can mount fs
and entering a little strange:(

the only reason I am wondering is the compiler!
the file in the initrd were compiled with HHL1.2 ppc compiler.
and the kernel was created with eldk.
Is that make sense?


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