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Sat Aug 24 00:23:14 EST 2002

In message <000b01c24a85$0596a620$cc00a8c0 at> you wrote:
> When I "bootm 0x10000"in ppcboot,it runs to
> "Transferring control to linux kernel",then hangs
> there,and I see nothing in the console.:(

This will never work. I bet it  didn't  work  with  your  old  kernel
either.  0x10000  is  just  64  kB  -  this  is _never_ enough for an
uncompressed Linux kernel.  You  will  overwrite  your  kernel  while
uncompressing it, which crashes the system. Use a higher load address, somthing like 0x200000.

> In the PPCBoot guide(FAQ section),it mentioned
> 2 possible causes,wrong bdinfo and clocks_in_mhz
> I do check it and feel nothing wrong,however
> nothing yet.

You have to _unset_ clocks_in_mhz for a 2.4.20-pre2 kernel.

> I have a BDI2000,but I think I should debug the bootm
> part of ppcboot,however someone says it is quite
> difficult to do so( at least for me).

Well, it's not _that_ difficult. Try it out, so you get used to is ;-)

> so I am seeking errors in blind.

Just open your eyes, and thou shalt see :-)

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