cygwin and embedded linux

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Fri Aug 23 23:13:47 EST 2002

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, I wrote:

> 2. The "emulation" will never be 100%. Maybe 99%. Maybe 99.99%. That last
>    fraction can be a major PITA, because it is not obvious. To compile a
>    kernel you need a lot of tools with a lot of explicit and implicit twists
>    to them. It is just a gut feeling that I wouldn't want to rely on this,
>    if I don't have to. The native way just seems the better way to do it to
>    me.

Since the term "native" seems to have triggered many other (very
interesting) posts, just for completeness: in fact I chose bad wording
for what I wanted to say in this post. In this case, with "native" I
merely meant a real Linux box (vs. a Windows box), not necessarily a
native ppc-linux machine.

Native ppc-linux is definitely one way to go, although I'd tend to
hold with one of the other posts to this thread. It pointed out the
necessity/robustness/repoducability/beauty of clearly distincting
between the host and the target.


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