PCMCIA on an MPC860

Alex Zeffertt ajz at cambridgebroadband.com
Fri Aug 23 19:32:40 EST 2002

On 2002.08.23 10:20 shaowei dai wrote:
> Hi, Alex:
> You might want to use 'ksymoops' to find more useful information from
> this
> oops.
> It's smart to tell you which routine caused the trouble.

Ah, I didn't actually know about ksymoops!!!  Here is the decoded Oops:

>> NIP; c00c0a0c <create_proc_ide_interfaces+208/3670>   <=====
Trace; c00c0a00 <create_proc_ide_interfaces+1fc/3670>
Trace; c00c0f04 <create_proc_ide_interfaces+700/3670>
Trace; c00c10ec <create_proc_ide_interfaces+8e8/3670>
Trace; c00c188c <create_proc_ide_interfaces+1088/3670>
Trace; c00c221c <create_proc_ide_interfaces+1a18/3670>
Trace; c00bbfd4 <ide_revalidate_disk+228/450>
Trace; c00bcaac <ide_register_hw+140/18c>
Trace; c00bcb4c <ide_register+54/68>
Trace; c403f7a4 <[ide_cs]ide_config+5c8/774>
Trace; c403fbe0 <[ide_cs]ide_event+9c/110>
Trace; c40031bc <[pcmcia_core]register_client+2ac/2e8>
Trace; c4004808 <[pcmcia_core]CardServices+104/1e4>
Trace; c403f18c <[ide_cs]__module_parm_irq_list+108/158>
Trace; c400f874 <[ds]bind_request+1b0/1fc>
Trace; c40105b4 <[ds]ds_ioctl+584/714>


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