ocp emac phy wierdness

Armin Kuster akuster at mvista.com
Fri Aug 23 04:09:19 EST 2002


The whole phy idea back when I did it was modeled after the fec.c driver
with the thought that at some point we could merge all phy_info structs
into a common file.  The same idea was applied to the mii routines.  I
noticed that code/information is duplicated in a few ethernet drivers in
ppc.  Some of the what you see will be used when we add link support
driver, some of the 4xx boards with zmii bridges have interrupt
capability.  The phy implementation is a project that is not completed. :)


David Gibson wrote:

>There seems to be a whole lot of stuff related to phy handling with no
>clear purpose to it.  The table phy_cmd_config appears to be unused,
>as are the functions mii_queue_config, mii_display_config.
>Furthermore process_mii_queue() is dispatched through schedule_task(),
>from mii_queue_schedule().  But the only place that is called is in
>ppc405_enet_open(), which immediately calls schedule() to wait for the
>job to be completed.  So what the hell is the point of the
>schedule_task() rigmarole?

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