CS_BAD_VCC Error during Card Configaration.

Michael Habermann MHabermann at gmx.de
Mon Aug 5 16:42:34 EST 2002

Narendra wrote:
> But as i found through debug message, socket is configured for
> 5volts and the CIS read from my card wants 3.3V. So my Config()
> routine is failing since there is a mismatch in configured Vcc and
> Requested Vcc. and Kernel is crashing.

You are using a 3.3V card in an 5V socket. If the card can do this - and
I think Prism 2 can - you  can bypass the code which checks if the Vcc
is correct. You will maybe find it if you look in the WLAN drivers
source code and search for conf.Vcc.

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