INFO on IBM Spruce board

akuster akuster at
Sat Aug 3 01:47:31 EST 2002

vnair at wrote:
> hello list,
> Can anyone show me the pointers for getting started with porting linux on IBM
> SPRUCE board. Also from where can i get necessary h/w manuals for the board. I
> have checked up IBM site for this, but lots of links seems to be missing now.
> some characteristics of the board are
> 1. 750 based ppc
> 2. CPC700 system controller
> 3. 128 MB RAM
> Necessary resources for setting up the development environment like Vision Probe
> are available.
> Which kernel version shall i start with and some documents for porting
> guidelines will be helpful. I tried downloading kernel using bitkeeper, but
> somehow bitkeeper is not working from behind the firewall.
> Thanks
> - Vikram

There is support for the IBM Spruce in linuxppc_2_4_devel.  IBM has the
only links I know of for Docs.


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