Documentation of a port attempt of Linux

Stefan Nunninger nunninger at
Thu Apr 25 04:43:50 EST 2002


During the last year I was working on a project which aimed to port embedded Linux to a custom PowerPC based platform. The help of some people in this mailinglist helped me a lot to finish the project succesfully.

During the time I was joining this mailing list I saw several questions of people who probably just started a similar project. I assume some of those might be interested in getting a documentation of a port example. Therefore I'll publish my project report on my homepage which can be found at:

Topics of the documentation are:
Port of embedded Linux, MBXBoot, PPCBoot, BDM4GDB, Montavista CDK, LCD for PPC860, embedded Java, Performance and Stability measurements of Linux running on the custom device. A network performance comparison between a Java and a native application.

Please note I'm not a professional in the field of embedded system development. Therefore I assume the report will not be very interesting for the professionals of you. However I invite everybody who is interested to
read the report. In any case I'd appreaciate very much to get comments, feedback or correction.


I've crossposted this mail to three mailinglist which I've used during my work. I appologize to all those who got the mail several times.
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