printk in m8xx_cpm_dpalloc() ???

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at
Wed Apr 24 20:29:14 EST 2002

Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> I had the same problem.  printk() uses the CPM UART driver, and the initialisation of the CPM UART
> driver uses m8xx_cpm_dpalloc().  If you make m8xx_cpm_dpalloc() use printk() then you create a
> dependency loop.  Don't do it.

Thanks for your fast reply.

But I am not sure if I understand the problem.

printk() is used long before the CPM UART driver is initialized (or am I

So how is printk done before this driver is started, i.e. rs_8xx_init is
And can I output some string to the console without using the CPM UART


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