Does anyone port m8xx_pcmcia driver to Linux Kernel successfully?

Conn Clark clark at
Fri Apr 19 06:32:38 EST 2002

Sven Boehringer wrote:
> >
> > We have done it. There shouldn't be much to do provided you have the
> > PCMCIA interface connected correctly.
> >
> > There was a mistake in the Motorola manual on the MPC850. It involved
> > two lines having to be swapped.
> That sounds interesting, can you please tell me which lines? Cause I'm
> right on the way to
> do such a interface...
> And a little bit OT, but how do you implement the BCSR's? I looked for
> the (ABEL)-Source which is provided with the Manual
> (MPC8xxFADSMENGUM.pdf) but i found no good tool to extract the needed
> pins...
> Any help would be very pleasant,
> Regards
>         Sven Boehringer

Hi Sven,

	We were told that the RESET_B and the POE_B needed to be
swapped. Somewhere motorola has an app note on it.

Looking at the MPC850UM.PDF that I downloaded today they have corrected
the error. Our printed manual has the mistake.

RESET_B is connected to OP3
POE_B is connected to OP2

I can't find the register you are reffering to (BCSR). Could you spell

Hope this helps.


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