IBM walnut, gcc, NIC and recent kernel?

Chirag Kantharia chyrag at
Wed Apr 10 14:02:42 EST 2002

--- "Amit D. Chaudhary" <amitc at> wrote:
> Stephen Cameron wrote:
> > Well, the assembler complained about some "unsupported
> > relocation type" in ppc4xx_pic.o, so I suspect I need a
> > newer gcc, assembler, etc. (had nothing to do with network
> > driver, I think)

I'd come across similar errors and it turned out that the #defines
used in the instruction weren't defined for the processor. For eg,
I'd a mtspr SPRN_SXXXX, r0 and SPRN_SXXXX wasn't defined for the
processor I was using. A grep -r on the symbol used in the instruction
in include/asm-ppc would help.


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