"OpenPIC versus EPIC" in MPC8240 !

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Tue Nov 13 18:17:01 EST 2001

> I've been watching this thread for quite some
> time now. I spoke with Dan about adding some
> changes to this code last summer. I ran into
> some issues with OpenPIC as well on our MPC8240
> platform.
> If you guys would like to forward me your changes,
> I can merge your changes into mine (or see if they
> are relevant) and give you an interim release.
> Might I ask, could you describe the architecture
> of your MPC8240 IRQ mapping and IO devices?

My changes doesn't specifically touch the MPC8240 code
but are included in my port for ths VG4-board.
This board uses a MPC107, which also is an EPIC.
The stuff was posted in this NG (and also linux-developers)
and I think you can find it there. If not give me another
mail , and I will send it to you.

What it does is really only changing the interface to
openpic_init() to something more versatile/generic/useful(?).

The interface structure could/should probably be further
abstracted to multilevel cascades (any of those out there ?)
as Dan sort of pointed out, but this is a start anyway.

The appropriate files for you from the port should be
the following:
openpic2.c and openpic2.h.

You could check the vg4_setup.c for an example of
how to use the interface.

Your mileage may vary, but it works perfectly on my board.



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