405 -- a little console help, part 2

Mark Pilon mpilon at midrivers.com
Sat Nov 10 00:40:25 EST 2001

David Gibson wrote:
> Ah, I think I know why this might be - are you using the 2_4_devel
> tree?
> All static executables segfaulted before reaching main until very
> recently: the 4xx's MMU makes it possible to actually enforce the
> execute permission bit on pages.  Since most processors don't allow
> this, however, there are heaps of bugs in userland (binutils etc.)
> where pages aren't marked executable that need to be.  In this case
> there was instruction just before the got that wasn't marked
> executable.
> For now, at least, I've disabled enforcement of the page execute
> permissions, because there's just too much stuff that breaks with it
> on.

What's the fix for this?  It sounds like I want to un-do that change
enforcing page execute permissions -- David, could you give me
a spot to look and a suggested patch?  anyone?


Mark Pilon

P.O. Box 37
Fallon, MT.  59326-0037


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