405 -- a little console help, part 2

David Gibson david at gibson.dropbear.id.au
Fri Nov 9 11:44:03 EST 2001

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 09:46:27AM -0600, Mark Hatle wrote:
> Mark Pilon wrote:
> >
> > I've got a little more info -- /bin/sash doesn't produce any
> > output and just sits there, echoing charachters typed.  I'll try poking
> > around w/ gdb/abatron but am not sure how to find the exec'd shell.
> >
> > if I spawn ash w/ init=/bin/ash:
> > ...
> That is very odd, I don't know why ash would work and sash does not.
> Very strange indeed.

Ah, I think I know why this might be - are you using the 2_4_devel

All static executables segfaulted before reaching main until very
recently: the 4xx's MMU makes it possible to actually enforce the
execute permission bit on pages.  Since most processors don't allow
this, however, there are heaps of bugs in userland (binutils etc.)
where pages aren't marked executable that need to be.  In this case
there was instruction just before the got that wasn't marked

For now, at least, I've disabled enforcement of the page execute
permissions, because there's just too much stuff that breaks with it

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