Compiling kernel with -g option.

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Thu Nov 8 04:11:35 EST 2001

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> Relocation truncated to fit errors are typically caused by
> your executable exceeding 16Mbytes (24 bits) in size (assuming
> it isn't caused by missing modules and thus unresolved references).

In this case, however, it was clear that the problem WAS due to
unresolved references -- specifically, the "copy_to_user" refs.
That's always going to happen if you turn off optimization, because
those are inlined functions, and you have to use at least -O1 to
get those to be compiled as inlines (at least with gcc).

I've never seen a 16 MB linux kernel, even with -g turned on; I
guess you might be able to do it if you enabled every driver and
option, but my mid-sized vmlinux, with -g, is 8 MB.

  -- David Wright, Consulting Engineer, InfiniSwitch Corp.

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