EPIC Initizn

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Thu Nov 8 01:48:45 EST 2001

>  The linux code is able to identify the NE2K ethernet
> card sitting on PCI bus and is able to talk with it.
> But my problem is that I am not getting interrupts.
> ( I verified by putting a printk in the ei_interrupt
>  code )
>  Another puzzling fact is that, if I program IRQ 16
> ( used by the NE2k driver. Card slot num 16,
>   and hence connected to IRQ0 of EPIC ) of the EPIC for
> +ve polarity & Level Triggered , I get non-stop
> continous interrupts which just freeze the CPU.
>   I am using the OpenPIC code, with slight modifns
> (modifns invovle chaning the OpenPIC data structure
> to reflect the  EPIC register layout.. added a PADding..
> Another one is, I had changed OpenPIC init so that
> it initializes for 16-40 ( 16 inclusive ). )
>   I just checked Mvista code. The "disable_IRQ" and
> "enable_IRQ" OpenPIC functions have been slightly changed
> to suit LEVEL triggered interrupt handling,
> May I know the necessity of the change ? My code
> doesnt work even after incorporating this  fundaa
> into mine.
>   Am I missing something ??
>   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try the EPCI stuff in my VG4 port, posted earlier today.
Works fine for me. (I had the same problems you are listing)



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