Sandpoint 3 + MPC7450 + HHL2

Neil Wilson NWILSON at
Fri Jun 29 21:28:31 EST 2001

>I'm sitting on a bunch of changes for both Sandpoint X3 and 7450.  With
>the new cputable stuff in 2.4_devel, I'll stuff the 7450 changes in

sounds good to me

>> ...after adding a enable for the TimeBase

>So, you have an old version of DINK.  Get it updated as you are probably
>missing more than that.

I am using dink32 v12.2 of 16Feb2001.  My Abatron sets the TBEN bit, I run &
halt dink32 after getting the dink prompt and TBEN is still set but when I
run the downloaded zImage and halt when it "appears" to hang TBEN has been


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